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My rates are dependent on hours spent on the work, and the level of sensitivity reading that I do on it.

All payments will be made to my Ko-Fi.

STATUS: I am OPEN for sensitivity reading requests


Hi, Hui here! I am offering my services to culturally beta & sensitivity read fanworks in danmei fandoms, for things such as Taoism, Chinese culture, chronic illness, and mental health. My personal carrd is here.

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rates & payment

On this page, you can see the fandoms I will read for, as well as what I will read not under any circumstance. Please provide me with content warnings for your work. Additionally, make sure you have done the research that you can on your own first!

about hui

Hi, Hui here! I am Chinese diaspora living in a majority Asian country. I write for a living in real life, with experience in receiving and giving feedback with regards to writing, proofreading, and editing in multiple industries.

I am fluent in Chinese with formal education received for most of my schooling life.
Mandarin (written, spoken)Cantonese (spoken)Hokkien (spoken)
Sensitivity topics I am qualified to approach include:
Taoism & its practices (having been raised Taoist)Chinese culture (being Chinese in an Asian country with a significant Chinese population)Chronic illness (experience with chronic pain and fatigue)Mental health (specifically anxiety/depression)
If you're interested, you can contact me at the following places:

rates & payment

Spelling, punctuation, and grammarPlot reading / plot doctoringCharacterisation / character voiceNSFW / explicit content beta

Chinese languageChinese cultureSensitivity reading for any topics I am qualified to speak on (see about)

Minimum billing begins at 30 minutes/half an hour.

I am flexible for sliding scale rates - I will always come up with a projected number of hours needed to look over your work before we begin the project. I will also include a timesheet for transparency purposes.

Payment terms to be agreed upon - I normally proceed with 1 hour upfront and then installments depending on the complexity of the project, but we can discuss details that suit us best.

Payment is non-refundable and made to my Ko-Fi. As a beta/sensitivity reader, I will do my best to provide you with honest, straightforward feedback. I cannot guarantee that it will always meet your expectations or desires, but I still expect to be compensated for my time and effort.

about hui

I am currently OPEN for sensitivity reading requests.

As a beta/sensitivity reader, my purpose is not to directly endorse your work. Please do not misuse my name as a shield against criticism - I am not a get out of jail free card.

An important thing to note is that my experiences are not universal. If you have requested the services of a different beta/sensitivity reader and they happen to disagree with any feedback I have given, I kindly request that you leave me out of it. My purpose is to help you as much as I am able to, not to hash through disagreements with other beta/sensitivity reader colleagues.

If you’d like to, you can credit me in your work. Please contact me before doing so!

What fandoms I will read for:
The Husky & His White Cat Shizun | 二哈和他的白猫师尊Heaven Official's Blessing | 天官赐福Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation | 魔道祖师, as well as its adaptations, ex. The Untamed | 陈情令Scum Villain's Self-Saving System |人渣反派自救系统
I will not read under any circumstance:
Non-conExplicit AFAB genitalia mentionM/F, F/FGenderbendingRacebendingReligionbendingCharacter bashing, infidelity, hatefucking, proxyfucking

Before employing my services, please provide me with content warnings your work might have, especially if it contains: sexual abuse, violence, major character death. It will not stop me from reading for you, but I would like a heads up so I can enter prepared.

Let me know details about your work, like: word count, what fandom, what pair, which canon, what alternate universe, additional characters, etc.

Tell me more about what you need from me - if you can pinpoint which section, even better!

Make sure you have done the research you need, especially if you are requesting a specific type of culture/sensitivity read. I am not here to simply consult or do research on your behalf.

What to expect from me:
I will read through your work to get to know your story (this is okay if it is just sections)Then, I will read again to focus on any specifics I might have missedI will arrange my comments and fully answer any questionsI will also include any links I find helpful to provide context
I will not:
Edit line by line, rewrite your story, or take away your voiceDo extensive grammar editing (I will usually restrict this to comments if required)

I reserve the right to deny any requests - I am happy to clarify on any reasons I might have.

Once you have submitted your request, I will respond within 3 days. Feel free to contact me again if I have not responded. If your request is accepted, we will discuss payment, work timelines if necessary as well as any specifics regarding the type of feedback that most needs my focus. My reading begins as soon as I receive payment - I will take about a week to complete every 10k words depending on demand, and I will communicate regularly on progress milestones.

Contact me at one of the following places to get started:

about hui
about hui